Not guilty – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 22

I can’t stand the view the world has on those that screw up in life. The news is all over them, just like the Pharisees were in this text. Some people have nothing better to do than point out the wrongdoings of everyone else. Sometimes those people are followers of Christ, and maybe even you and me? But that’s not how Christ works. He saw a lady who had sinned (against His commands) and saw that she was being tormented and without His help she would have been stoned.

What really strikes me about this story is that the law of stoning was given to Moses years and years before the day this was taking place. And Christ stepped in and became the law this day. According to the law of the day this lady was headed to death row, but according to the cross Christ was able to offer her new life. Society today loves to see you screw up and rarely applauds as loud when we’re doing things right. Whether it is murder, adultery, stealing, or sin on any level, Christ can step in and turn your life around. He won’t step in and tell you you were innocent in what you did, but He can take you innocently to Heaven by drowning your sins in the His blood on the cross. I’m unsure of how our prison system works these days, but I pray that they take those that break the law to the Word of God before condemning them without a chance to come to Christ. It’s a tricky situaton, but from what God has shown us here, He wants to be given freedom to reach and change every sinner.

  1. Maybe I am your mom…( just seen a picture of me pregnant for you, with Jake)  I AM NOT THE BABYSITTER!  But Gabe,  reread your last paragraph…and absorb the way you communicate……. seriously….it amazes me. ( that is not because I am your Mom or the babysitter )  smile.

  2. A number of years ago we had a couple of teenagers who attacked a mother and her two children as they were going to church.  The two girls were murdered and the mother was left for dead in a field.  I remember feeling so angry until the day they found the young men and I saw the look in their eyes as they were being taken to jail.  Their was this blank, unemotional look and God broke my heart at that moment.  They did not have God, they saw no value in life…even their own lives!  Through this one illustration God has totally changed how I view those who have done wrong no matter how big or little.

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