Nobody is highly intelligent

This might seem odd, but I strongly encourage you to go and read the online article that I’ve linked to below if it interests you. A few small blurbs from the article that might make you want to read more could be:

“Highly intelligent people are mostly atheists”
Gabe’s response…..seems like the more you think, the more it’s about yourself. Atheists have a god – it seems to me they are their own. To say there isn’t a god is to say you aren’t intelligent yourself? If you amount to anything in this world, you have to amount to someone else. It’s obvious that nobody succeeds in this world alone. None of us brought ourselves through school, let alone taught ourselves the core of our beliefs. Your disbelief in the one and true God was given to you by someone else. If truth really is absolute, it hides from nothing and is definitely not confined to a small circle of friends. I find it interesting that those that claim to be at this level of intelligence only get there by separating themselves from the questions of others.

“The war on terror wakes people up to the fact that there is more than one religion in the world”
Gabe’s response…..I am guessing they are saying that Christians are getting a wake up call – that our religion is not the only one? Christians will be the first to admit that there are more religions in the world, but they will also be the first to admit that there is one God and many false gods. There is a huge difference between “religion” and “faith”. A religion is understood these days as nothing more than a corporate gathering…..which tends to accept your words more than challenging you to live them out. Faith has always been understood as a belief in something that cannot physically be seen. Non-Christians tend to look at this and attack it because they have never “seen” God. That alone is a lie. We have all “seen” God through the Spirit and the understanding of sin, as well as the obvious power of this created earth with each new day we are blessed with. I think the issue is more evident now that Christians are finally waking up and making God personal and not just living silent any longer? This is when we will be persecuted for our faith………and count it joy as we should.

“We stand dumbstruck by you as well – by your denial of tangible reality, by the suffering you create in service to your religious myths, and by your attachment to an imaginary God.”
Gabe’s response…..the suffering we create in our service is directly related to the truths of our faith. If someone didn’t suffer in relation to truth everything would be false? From reading further in the article and listening to the podcast by Gary Wolf, it seems like the truths of atheisum are scattered and they find themselves ashamed to be attached to to another atheist’s beliefs. It’s fairly obvious there that the main goal is to worship themselves? You claim to have the power to declare my faith as false? ou have the right to believe anything you please…….but by directing the power to your own word you are doing nothing than totally contradicting the fact that you say there is no god. My nine month old has enough wit to stand against the will of her father. There’s not much power in human words alone.

Last, but not least…….I have personally invited Gary Wolf to come and hang out with me on the podcast at – we shall see if they truly enjoy discussing these issues with Christians, or if it will continue to be as obvious as it is with homosexuality, and they will seclude themselves from controversy and demand that you leave them to their privacy. Everyone that is against Christianity believes that we hate the person. These core values are deep in the Bible our faith is founded on, and some people just choose to exclude themselves from being accountable to it. They then fail to realize that our stance against sin alone is a direct view of the love we have for the soul of that same person. A hatred of my God is war against my spirit……..a man that obviously knows that Christ died for his sins thinks like this only out of blasphemy. Feel free to comment whatever you please……unlike forums you will find on leading sites dealing with atheism, I do not hide other people’s thoughts for or against my own.

  1. Yipes! I can’t believe what that church is doing to get money! God’s plan isn’t going to happen unless you pay the church?!! That reeks of the Roman Catholic Church several CENTURIES ago! That just makes me sick!
    The discussion of a religion of reason reminded me of Frances Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live?

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