No fear

The “No Fear” phrase has been in the marketing biz now for maybe a decade. It’s been used for many different products (energy drinks, vehicle decals, apparel) so I don’t really know where they are trying to go with it. I guess that’s how most of today’s marketing is anyways. They’re not even telling us what not to fear – thanks alot for nothing! I think their organization could be missing out on a specific community that might be impacted by the phrase the most…….young parents in the 21st century.

I don’t think the issue is whether or not our generation – as parents – needs to have a fear of nothing. I think we could best utilize the phrase by saying that we are cautious of putting a fear into the hearts of our children. A fear of consequences having more impact on them than the pleasure of whatever it is they are doing in obvious disobedience. I’m sure there are people that have been around me that think I am a “strict” parent, and sometimes I really have come across as not allowing as much fun to be had for my children. I will admit that there are times that I have crossed the line by a few steps. Today is the first day that I have learned a valuable lesson. My children having a fear of their parents is the first step to raising them the way God intends.

Without first aquiring a fear of God at the burning bush Moses might not have taken the Lord’s commandments so seriously later in his life. Without God’s frightening Paul on the road to Damascus maybe Paul wouldn’t have changed from killing Christians to risking his life to share their faith with the world. As a parent I must fear the Lord first and learn the commandments He wants me to give to my children. If I take the commandments and responsibility lightly I am sure my children would lead a life of confusion – not knowing where the truth lies and finding it on their own. It’s amazing how much harder it is further down the road after choosing to let them not fear us earlier on. What are common reasons we all have decided the easy route – maybe so they are excited, don’t throw fits, take less of our time, allow us to do what we want, and the list goes on.

That’s society today isn’t it? Parents that have no clue where to guide their kids – and you can’t blame them for it. I would too if I didn’t have a fear of the Lord to begin with. The word “strict” might actually be defined the wrong way these days. Maybe we are confused sometimes of what it means to be “more demanding” of our children and to be “rude and selfish” in how we treat them. I do know one thing…….the more we listen to how society expects us to raise our children will result in them fearing God less and less each day. And we wonder why our generation seems so chaotic?

  1. God knows  exactly what our kids need and HE puts them with the parents that HE exactly needs them to be with.  Livi, Ava and Nina…..God knew needed YOU !    Maybe the sticker on your EXP was wrong !  smile   Neat concept on the Burning Bush and the Rd. to Damascus !

  2. Reminds me, I have a cool t-shirt from back when the No Fear stuff first came out. It says something like “You’ve breathed your last breath. You stand before the throne of God. No more time. No more excuses. Still NO FEAR?”
    Great insight on fear of the Lord and fear of parents. Thanks!

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