My God!

I had fun shooting a few photos of this lunar eclipse tonight out in the bitter cold. While standing there I couldn’t help but realize that the shadow that was being cast onto the moon was coming from the control of my heavenly Father. Two times each year the earth passes very close to or smack dead in the middle of the sun and the moon. There are a few types of eclipses, but I’m always amazed that scientists understand more of God’s creation and timing each day. They keep finding new things, but the recurring and already understood things still continue to amaze and interest us.

While I was focusing the camera it took me a few seconds to realize that I had to keep moving it a bit to keep the moon centered – space really is full of intense movement. Every few seconds we keep spinning at speeds we cannot comprehend, and rarely think about this spectacular controlled world we live in. To think that the planets that exist inside of our solar system have never crashed, and that gravity has never grown weak. It’s all in control – only under His control. I had to stop and remind myself – if He has this all under control, my life and my problems are a walk in the park for Him! I’m thankful to call Him my God.

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  1. Reminds me of the song “Indescribable”….You are amazing God.  Everytime I see something spectacular in nature I think of that song.  I heard once that God paints us each sunset, blue sky, etc to show us His love.  Like we would give flowers or something pretty to someone.  He gives us His creations. Awesome to know He was romancing you…showing you how much He loved you by letting you see all the details you listed above.   

  2. Hi, don’t think I realized you had a Xanga blog. We couldn’t see it last night, it was rainy/overcast here in Houston.

    We did get a good look at the eclipse a few years ago, when the Red Sox were winning Game 4 of the World Series. That was surreal – after all those years, they finally win the Series, on a night when there’s a total eclipse! The Moon was red, and the Red Sox were beating the Redbirds.

    After you see an eclipse, you realize why peoples used to get so freaked out and invest so much effort in astronomy. While lunar eclipses are impressive, I’ve heard folks who’ve been to one say that total solar eclipses are really spectacular. Hope to see one of those some day.

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