My cousin Andrea

andreaGot news this week that my cousin, Andrea, passed away. She was on her way home from work at 1:30 am in Cincinnati and apparently fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a road construction truck in the berm. My Dad’s family has had some hard deaths to deal with, and this one isn’t easy to take either. Both of my grandparents, two uncles, and now a cousin on that side. Heart attacks, suicide, drowning and now a car accident. Going to take a break from the computer this weekend, but wanted to check in here and ask for some prayer. My God is always there, but there are moments in life where He has us search harder for Him than we’d like. Thanks for reading this. Would appreciate you praying with / for me and the family.

PRAYING for my Aunt and Uncle as they deal with losing their only child. For my Dad and his siblings as they comfort their sister. For God to be the only comfort found as we grieve. PRAISING God for the life He let my cousin live, and apparently bringing her closer to Him in recent days.

  1. Brian Webb

    Hey buddy. I’ve been thinking about / praying for you all day. Hope to see you on Sunday.

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