Mr. Obama, meet my God

This isn’t an issue of whether Obama or McCain can overturn Roe vs. Wade and get rid of abortion for good, it’s an issue I have with Obama’s faith. A faith that hides when the going gets tough. The man places God in a box, maybe believing that the God I follow isn’t big enough to deliver in the middle of unwanted pregnancies. My life is a result of a young couple (my parents) being in a position that Obama might think is too difficult for my God to work out. Close friends insisting that I be aborted. My parents being in a position where most would believe they didn’t have enough to make it through, not knowing what the future holds at all. For them, let alone for an innocent child.

He can dodge the issue and play games saying that “it depends on whether you see it from a theological or scientific perspective”. Or that answering the question of when a baby gets human rights is “outside of his pay grade”. If it’s too big of an issue for who could be the next leader of the free world, then who’s big enough to take it on? I guess the answer is God, huh? The same God that works everything together for those that love Him. For those like my parents who are a living story that contradicts the beliefs of this careless “Harvard graduate” who could be our next president.

As a Christian, abortion is just as important of an issue as any other. You can’t compare it to war, the numbers of casualties don’t even come close. It might sound awkward, but the deaths of our soldiers are deaths of proud men and women fighting against people who were on the offensive against us. Trying to compare those with the deaths of innocent children, some who possibly could grow up and be a better leader than Obama one day, isn’t a discussion worth having. Many other issues seem much more important to our society, and shockingly to lots of Christians from both parties. Driving hybrid cars to save our world, our debt, health care, etc. I think we’re far too blessed to be making those issues more important than the mass murder that is happening every day (40 million abortions since 1973).

I recommend watching the two videos that I have at the bottom of this blog from the Saddleback Civil Forum with Pastor Rick Warren and both candidates from a few weeks ago. Feel free to fast forward to the 2:40 mark in both to get to the same question. For some reason, I’m tilting towards McCain at the moment. The issues matter, not the party.

  1. Wow, Obama just dances around the issue, doesn’t he? I have had foster children who’ve also been “abortion candidates,” and some of the adopted kids in my church were “abortion candidates.” They’re children Jesus thought valuable enough to give up His life for, so they’re valuable enough for us to take a stand for.

    And Obama hasn’t done a thing to reduce the number of abortions. (See my blog post on this topic.) If it’s murder, then it should be stopped. Period. If it’s not murder, why try to reduce them?

  2. All I can …is I thank the Lord, I thank the Lord…that YOU are breathing today, I thank the LORD that YOU have the ” MIND OF CHRIST” and it is evident in all that YOU do….for HIM we live…and YOU Gabe…our son…is alive………and how many other young mothers….who didn’ t have the HOLY SPIRIT to guide them….now…can never hear that child’s voice, that YOUNG MAN’s THOUGHTS…or see him love his wife and children….satan knows, satan attacks, in fear of who they will become !  May God alone prevail in this election !

  3. This post is excellently written and superbly reasoned. Unfortunately, I don’t agree. Let me be perfectly clear. I am a Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, the son of God and redeemer of my life. I am a proudly registered Democrat in the state of California and I am pro-choice. This does not mean (as many people who take a “pro-life” stance seem to think) that I want every baby aborted, that I think abortion is just one more form of contraception, or that I am, in any way, pro-abortion. Conservatives and Republicans always talk about how they want “less government” but they keep wanting the government to make more rules! I don’t think that a medical decision between a woman and her doctor needs to be approved or denied by the federal government.

    It is not the government’s job to legislate morality.

    Thanks for allowing me my two cents.


  4. @Matty – Hi, Matty. Have to respectfully disagree with you about an abortion being as simple as “a medical decision between her and her doctor.” If she wants cosmetic surgery or her spleen removed or her broken arm fixed, then sure. But when she’s pregnant, there’s someone else involved–a baby. Another human life. Someone’s right to privacy can’t trump someone else’s right to live. I have all kinds of rights to say what happens to ME. I do not have the right to end someone else’s life. Even if he/she is too little to speak for him/herself.

    It IS the government’s job to legislate morality. We do it all the time. It’s illegal to steal, cheat, kill. What are those things if not moral issues? What if my moral code tells me that stealing is fine? Does that make it right?

    Have a good day.

  5. @Marla,

    Thanks for your considerate response. Here is my response to your post as you write:

    “It IS the government’s job to legislate morality. We do it all the time. It’s illegal to steal, cheat, kill. What are those things if not moral issues? What if my moral code tells me that stealing is fine? Does that make it right?”

    Reasonable people disagree on when the collection of tissues and cells which are eventually born becomes a human being. There is no clear answer. It is not in the best interests of society to legislate things which come down to a set of personal beliefs. We don’t have laws because of some moral code. We have laws to maintain order in society. It is illegal for me to kill you. If I do, it is not illegal for the state to kill me. Same act, different result. If we were dealing with moral absolutes, killing would be illegal regardless of who is doing it. The government kills people every day and it isn’t “illegal”.

    Reasonable people disagree on stem cell research, on gay marriage and on the legalization of drugs. We as a nation must act in the best interests of our society, not according to one group or other’s particular moral code.

    You argue that an abortion isn’t about a woman and her doctor because there is a third party involved. (It’s interesting that you don’t include the father… but that’s another post altogether… I know father’s rights always present a problem to pro-life-ers) I would argue that, until the fetus can survive outside the womb, it doesn’t have any claim to “person-hood”.

    It is good to discuss these things. Thanks again for your polite response.


  6. Thanks for posting this Gabe.  We didn’t get a chance to see this when it first aired.  I know now without a doubt who I am voting for.  The one who will choose life, who makes a clear stand and a clear answer to the questions provided.  I often get frustrated with people who are convinced that John McCain would not make a good president because he is a republician and that he will make the same mistakes that Bush has made.

       Where is our faith in God and his provision and help when we look at our country’s economy?  I think we tend to rely on our own resources and depend less on God.  Why would he bless us if we as a country are turning our backs on him?  I think as a Christian we need to vote for the person who follows God’s commands.  This being a man who not only has the head knowledge of God and his word but the heart knowledge as well.

  7. @All ~

    I’m so confused… Am I really hearing people saying that just because Mr. Obama is pro-choice, he is automatically not a Christian? Only God knows a man’s heart, right? Mr. Obama has been married to the same woman for 15 years. Mr. McCain dumped his first wife after cheating on her for several years. Is this any less of an issue to “Christian Voters” than abortion? Do you simply pick and choose what “family values” are important? I promise, if you vote for a Democrat, you won’t go to hell, despite what the “religious-right” wants you to believe.

    Thanks for your time,

  8. I am not here to say that Obama is not a Christian and that John McCain is perfect.  I’m not looking at the past I am looking at what they are doing today.  I honestly believe that based on what Obama has said he is an excellent example of a “luke warm” Christian.  His political decisions tend to cater to the more liberal points of view.  Being a Christian is making the tough decisions, sticking with them regardless of the consequences and defending with confidence.  I don’t see that firm foundation in his words, actions or deeds. 

  9. (I can only say with this such confidence because I have been many times a lukewarm Christian and have learned my lesson.)  I know it takes one to know one.

  10. @Matty – 

    It’s not a matter of him being a Democrat or Republican. And yes, we do all mess up, including John McCain and George Bush. Obama might not be “pro-abortion”, as he phrases it. But saying that you are not pro-life (pro-choice) to me is simply saying that under your administration abortions will be encouraged. Sure, I’d love to see Roe v Wade overturned, but recognize how highly unlikely that will be. This example is one of the PRIME examples of our nation drifting from being under God to pleasing everyone. If you can’t afford a baby or want to get out of it, they think they need to do what’s best for 1/2 of the equation (the mother) while forgetting about the other 1/2 that is just as important (the living and growing child in the womb). I wish I felt sorry for Obama as he stuttered his way through his statements in front of Christians at the forum. Notice there was absolutely no applause after his abortion statement….

  11. I am so glad that I found your site!  I love…Mr. Obama, meet my God!  what an awesome post.  You seek from Godly wisdom and experience.

  12. Don’t you think it sounds a little ignorant to be so black and white (no pun intended) on this issue?  What if a little girl gets raped or is the victim of incest – what if she’s 9 (yes, that’s possible).  You truly believe that your god wants this child to have a child? 

    And as Matt mentioned, is this seriously the only issue you vote on?  I know that many religious groups feel they have to vote with the GOP or they’re going against their faith, but c’mon – there are so many other issues on the table. 

    McCain’s willing to stay at war for another 100 years, if that’s what it takes (his words, not mine).  Do you want another draft for your sons and daughters and more innocent lives lost? 

    I don’t believe that McCain will make the same mistakes as Bush because he’s a Republican.  I believe that because he, admittedly, has voted with Bush over 90% of the time. 

    Do we want more of the same problems with our failing public school systems, due to “no child left behind”? And if gay people can get married, it isn’t going to hurt you personally or send the country to satan’s door.  We’ll all be ok – it will just give them some basic rights, like being at each other’s bedside if one is dying in the hospital.  I think we can agree that that is no more detrimental to the “sanctity of marriage” than the astronomical divorce rate. 

    We need to be a little more intelligent and realistic in this country about what’s REALLY happening.  For example, Palin has been a big supporter of abstinence education.  Democrats aren’t attacking her family, as Rush and the others like to say.  They’re pointing out the irony of it all – abstinence education only works for a handful of kids.  The rest are going to have sex, if they want to.  They figure out ways – we see evidence of that everyday.  And you may say that those lessons of sex ed belong in the family, but what about kids whose parents don’t care or don’t talk to them or aren’t around.  My husband used to work in the public school systems, where there were lots of pregnant teens… in Middle School.  Parents aren’t getting it done.

    I mean, I understand being passionate about your beliefs.  I’m clearly passionate about mine.  But I do believe in voting on more than a few key issues. 

    I just find myself reading this kind of thing (not just the post, but mostly the comments) and thinking about the bubble that some of our voters live in.  We need to wake up, be realists and vote for the good of our county – as a whole.  The problem with voting for just yourselves is that it doesn’t serve the greater good.  Isn’t that what god’s supposed to be looking out for – the greater good?  So shouldn’t god-fearing christians be doing the same thing?  Just because Obama’s a Democrat and is Pro-choice doesn’t mean he isn’t looking out for the greater good – look at his voting record and beliefs on helping children and families and the jobless and the mentally disabled and those that generally can’t help themselves. Then think about who god would want us to vote for –  I  personally don’t think god is a Republican.  

  13. @Sara – Ever voter votes in a bubble, or none at all. You can point fingers all you want at how people vote, but there is no perfect way of voting for everyone. Welcome to America, the land of the free and the home of the opinionated. I admire your attempt to spread the abortion issue out to 9 year old girls getting raped, but I’d sure like to see the statistics on how many of those wind up in the clinics compared to teenage girls who are in a much different situation. Voting on more than one issue is great, but it’s proven that abortion is one of the top 2-3 issues for quite a few of the past elections. It might not be to you, but it’s a bit evident when the media itself is talking so much about Palin being pro-life and religion itself getting quite a bit of attention this year. Thanks for the comment anyways!

  14. @Sara – 

    Respectfully, Sara, Mr. Obama does not have a solid voting record. I am not questioning his record as a person, but rather a politician. In the spirit of conversation, I challenge you to name some of facets of his voting record that are so appealing to you.

    To answer your other claim “And if gay people can get married, it isn’t going to hurt you personally or send the country to satan’s door. We’ll all be ok”:

    I don’t have a problem with gays having the civil liberties as the rest of society. They should not be discriminated against in the workplace, cast out of society or treated any differently as other people. However, redefining marriage to any two people who love each other opens a can of worms that should not be opened. First, if gays are recognized by the laws of marriage, the public schools will be required to teach homosexuality as an exceptable lifestyle to our children. As a father of 3, I don’t accept that lifestyle as approved by God, and do not want my children educated to personally adopt that lifestyle. If God describe this as an abomination,(Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”)how can I allow this ideology to creep into our society and be taught openly to my children?

    The problem is that if you don’t have a personal relationship with the God of the Universe, we will never agree on anything. Unfortunately, as the Saddleback interviews show, Mr. Obama does not know the same God that has been mentioned in this blog. Just like the Clintons’ before him, he cherry picks scripture that proves his point, and makes him appear as many things to as many people. If you have read the Bible at all, you will see that the “greater good” and God are diametrically opposed to one another. God is black and white, right and wrong. The greater good suggests a moral grey which means there is no absolute truths as long as everyone is happy. It just doesn’t add up.

    These are not the only issues that I vote on! I want an administration that will allow me to manage my money and to make financial and time contributions to those who can’t help themselves. I know Obama said that if you are in the lower 95% of the economic ladder, you won’t pay any additional taxes. However when he hits Walmart a tax hike, who do you think is going to pay for that tax burden? US! the middle class will bear the burden of inflation. And when Obama hits the small business owners and upper 5% of individuals with more taxes, do you think they will be incented to work harder and continue producing their goods and services that keep our economy afloat? NO, they will take their business elsewhere or just scale back production which will hurt the economy. Less Supply means higher prices, which means inflation and more burden on the middle class.

    So while Obama promises not to directly harm you with his economic, social, and foreign policy positions, think of the indirect effects of these topics and make an educated decision not one based on a euphoric feeling or tingle you get when you hear a talented orator speak.

  15. @bzqqsq – Don’t know who you are, bzqqsq, but your comment was well-thought-out and brilliant. Thank you. So much I want to say, but I’d be here all day.

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