Mother on a mission

Whether you’re ministry is small or large, we’re all in the cross-hairs of the devil. Some ministries get the “rockstar appreciation” because they appear to “have IT going on”. When IT is really only the task of making churched people feel at ease. It’s a gradual slope most ministries are falling down – pretending to be doing the work of the Lord while rarely coming in contact with the lost! If what we’re doing now really is ONLY for eternity, then why doesn’t it bother us that new people aren’t seeing God for the first time? We put time and focus on keeping track of the other statistics (web visitors, giving, attendance, volunteers, etc.) – don’t we?

momkenyaI know she doesn’t want the attention, but Satan needs a hard slap in the face. He’s been trying to tell this woman (my mother – Janelle Taviano) that she should be “doing ministry work” full-time or that her speaking schedule here in the states isn’t full enough. Nothing short of a lie, especially when we’re dumb enough to think that going to seminary is all that’s needed. Or that speaking at large conferences or being a New York Times bestseller is true success. She returned a few weeks ago from her second trip to Kenya. Spending 3 WEEKS out where the lost can be found. In order to get there, she had to dodge staying at the comfortable hotels or eating the food that might settle well. 20 hours on rough roads from the southeast shores of Mombosa to the northwest hills of Matisse. And here are a few of God’s “victory stories” through it all. After reading these, I urge you (and me) to really consider what ministries we are following or think have it “going on”. It sure narrows the list down for me, I can promise you that! And what hits home with me is that it really does take true sacrifice to reach the lost, not just “being in ministry work”.

  • Simiyu family travels 20 hours (from Matisse to Mombosa) to pick her up! Their baby was born two days later, and was named after my father.
  • Consecutive days of crusades where 30, 15, 86, 116, 72, 40, 15, 65, 75, 79, 79, 122, and 100 individuals first believed in Jesus Christ! That’s a total of 894! And to think that some “successful ministries” can sleep at night after reaching 5-10 per year.
  • One of these individuals (Ben) woke up and walked that day, with a dedication to commit suicide that evening, and Jesus stepped in his path. Was healed, continued traveling with Mom and the Simiyu family – and led others to the Lord himself!
  • Another individual (Edward) was married to a devil worshiper, walked in with a body branded in satan worship, heard the Word of God, marks left body, and accepted Christ that night at the crusade. The left side of his body was no longer paralyzed.
  • Friends from Ohio partnered with her in purchasing 2 1/2 acres of land (2 1/2 still available) to expand the school led by the Simiyu family.

Praise God! No specific number of salvations = success. But I believe we are numb to the work God is just waiting to accomplish (here and overseas). I’m praying about approaching you and my other online friends to raise the $5,000 to purchase the final 2 1/2 acres of land. After you are finished reading this, please jump over here and watch a video from the trip. Let me know your thoughts on this post, that sure would help!

  1. Great post, Gabe.

    I suggest you try to raise the $5000 here. I don’t think we have anything we can give at the moment, but that doesn’t mean other people are in the same situation!

  2. We love praying and supporting Janelle! She has such a heart and a passion for reaching people. I think it would be awesome to raise that money for her! We know it will go to good use to further God’s Kingdom. It’s so cool to send money and be positive of where it’s going…unlike many other ministries.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Gabe, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing the details of your mother’s trip. My wife and I spent a week in Kenya this past July. Just about every day we faced people in life or death situations either physically or spiritually (pics & stories are on my blog). The feeling like you’re on the front lines every day is intense.

    We are organizing a team from our church to go back next July to serve at the orphanage our church has built near Nakuru.

  4. What you have said here is so thought provoking. There are so many voices asking for our time, prayers, and finances. It is hard to choose between them- they ALL have merit and worth in some way… but I love what your mother is doing.

    Keep ppl posted, because while support may not be immediately available, surely with preparation we could put a mix of all three contributions towards these lesser known ministries.

    Your mother is totally awesome 🙂 -yes, I know it is the Lord, but she sounds like an excellent reflection

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