Mom and Dad for 16 hours

Not sure if I’ve been as thankful as I am today recently. Not because of the new line of Apple laptops that came out! Steve Jobs needs to start lowering his prices soon by the way. For you new dads or “expecting” dads out there, maybe you’re like I was and get all freaked out when your first child starts crying in the car or your wife leaves the two of you at home for 20 minutes while she runs to the grocery store. I’ll never forget the night that I was holding Livi by our front window in our first home while Marla ran out for just a few minutes. She was just a few months old, and her loud crying sent me into stress land, worrying whether or not we’d both be alive when the wife returned, lol. I laugh now, right?

I always knew that different responsibilities would come as the little girl (now three girls) grew older. They want to spend time with you. They just need some guidance along the trails or a quick diaper change. My SIL Angie sent us some free coupons for food, so we headed off to the mall and had a good evening together. The entire evening I kept reminding myself just how good God is. They’re his daughters that I am loaning temporarily, and He enjoys seeing them mature and grow just as much as I do I’m guessing.

I have absolutely nothing to worry about, although the responsibilities have shifted and they do still need my hand or my voice at times. I pray that God looks at me and sees me maturing. That my spiritual whining has stopped and that I continue to understand His desire for me as he whispers or shouts into my life. I even got quite a bit of work done. You wouldn’t think that could happen when you are at home with one little one alone while the others at school. Yes, there are times when it’s fine for them to play alone or even watch a movie. Praise God for the thrills of being a parent, and for the times when it’s not-so-comfortable! I’m sure there are many out there who go through longer times alone with their kids than I just did today for 16 hours.

  1. How blessed we are that God Himself gives us these perfect little kids to raise.  The comforting part is that they are His first!  He loves them more than we ever could imagine.  The weight of that responsibility weighs heavily on my heart each day.  So much of what we chose to do each day influences our kids in one way or the other. 

    I’m glad you survived without Marla for the day.  🙂

  2. What a blessing you are, Gabe!  I see Christ in you, and I am blessed to be your “momil!”:)  Love you!:)

  3. What an encouraging post!  I know that Marla feels blessed to have you as her husband and the father to your lovely girls!

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