Life comes too fast

We traveled up to the hospital in Lima to see Marla’s Grandpa Yoder yesterday around 1 pm. The doctors notified the family, letting them know that he might not make it through the day. I’ve never been in the position we were in. Marla leaned up to him and said a few things to him. He opened his eyes, letting her know he could hear her. You could tell he wasn’t doing well at all, and we got news last night that he passed away at 8:45 pm. We then found out that my grandma’s brain tumor is back (after a surgery a few months back), and there’s no knowing what will happen there. She will be having her second surgery soon. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder about the nursing field…….if they are doing or did all they could (in both cases)……if the theory that cancer and other diseases are becoming more curable is even half-way true? There’s only one thing that is certain, and that is that God is the only person in control of all circumstances. In the middle of these two situations it is so good to know that we will see both her grandfather and my grandma again. Sometimes people say that, hoping that they will and just stretching the truth to bring some comfort in times of sorrow. These two individuals have been great role models for us, and their love for Jesus Christ was not something that came on Sundays…….it directed their entire lives. What a lesson – be sure to put God first in all that you do, and not just on Sundays in a pew?

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandparents, but what a great comfort knowing that you WILL see them again and that they will be happy and healthy when you do!!! Its very cool that both of them have played great roles in your life and showing Christ through them!

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