Lesson from Leachman

I had the privilege of hanging out with Lee (co-host on with me on our podcast) and the men of McLean Bible Church near DC this past weekend for their annual men’s conference. Lee and I have actually been working on the podcast together, having not yet met in person (except for Skype video online). He is a professional photograper, and approached me about coming out to a resort in Maryland for a few days and help him shoot 4,000-5,000 photos of the activities and sessions during those three days. I had to think for a few minutes……amazing scenery, hanging out with men of God, and letting the shutter fly on the cameras……boo yah!

We had the great privilege of hearing some great words of God through what He had to say through Jerry Leachman (chaplain for the Washington Redskins football team). Here are a few things I learned while there, that I pray you can take with you:

The three biggest choices in your life will be:
1. Your Master
2. Your Mate
3. Your Mission

Winners take responsibility, losers blame others.

Once you look at these two main things you get a more intense desire to pray and allow the communication lines with God to be open more frequently. Following the master, growing closer to your mate, and focusing on your mission. Only with God’s help does any of this make sense.

He’s given each of us a responsibility on earth. Am I a loser or a winner, that’s for me to decide. What about you? What’s your mission, how does your mate think you view them, and who is your master (today)?

  1. Sounds like God was there…through the Word…through the scenary…. just in your presence.  Glad you got to be a part of it !  Neat when God blesses you with what you truly LOVE…. via ~ men of God, the Word, and taking pictures.

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