Leaving stress behind

The past two years have been quite a lesson while working from home. There has been a good share of success, but quite a bit of stress as well. Work has never slowed down at all and our clients have been tremendous to work with. The stress has only shown itself in the times of wondering when money is going to come in or figuring out how much is too much to charge ministries and businesses. The one thing I do miss about being in a team environment is the learning experience you continue to have there. You’re able to teach others and be taught at the same time. What I am longing for now is a solid career that will give us stability as a family, along with giving me room to continue to accel my talents and grow in relationship with others. You would think this point in life would cause you to lose your mind, but I feel as close to God as I’ve ever been – all in the midst of what the world would consider choas and unstability. We’re not quite sure where or when God is going to move us, or how easy or hard of a transition it will be. The one thing we’ve become so much more familiar with is the fact that His timing is far more perfect than ours. We can plan all we want and still mess up much more frequently than we wish, lol.

  1. Hey Gabe! I came across your website..Just wanted to say hello to you and your family and I hope you’re all doing well!

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