Just call her grace – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 12

It’s funny how we often feel like we can’t be used by the Lord because He hasn’t made one thing that we’ve set our eyes on come through. I look at the Samaritan lady in this passage, and I see someone who also went down many wrong roads just like we have. She was married 5 times and Christ still wanted her on His team. She didn’t feel like she deserved any of it, but grace was running rampant the day she ran into Her Savior. It’s the same with us. He sees all of our filth, no matter how bad it has been, and changes us. You might be going through divorce, a sickness, or a difficult situation. Whatever it is, it’s nothing His grace can’t handle. I need to keep this truth within reach the next time I get frustrated or discouraged!

  1. This blog….was soooooooo “affirmation” for me…this is how I made it through the weekend….it isn’t who we are not…it is WHO HE IS….HIS GRACE….thanx !  Made the end of my day, even better!

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