Jesus vs. Death – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 23

Max really knocked some sense into understanding this part of scripture. When we acknowledge who controls something, we realize that they should be the one that we rely on when that something takes place. If we want a painting done, we ask an artist right? I’m glad that when someone wants a website they approach me about it and not about fixing their car or building their house. Christ (God the Son) had full control over death, and was able to rise to the occasion when Martha placed her faith in His abilities to heal Lazarus.

It’s definitely hard to grasp the power of this story, because most of our minds float towards doubting that He could do this because He isn’t walking the earth today. I believe that He is just as capable of healing like this from heaven, and I have no understanding of His power in these situations – again, I design websites and don’t raise people from the dead, lol. Thanks God, for being the only source of control over death. May we continue to realize that it is you that decides when our life extends over the bridge into eternity.

  1. Pam Baad is the first person..that I have ever prayed with to raise her aunt from the dead…. at first to be honest it took me back…but we were driving from NC…to Lima for the funeral….and even in the motel when we were told of the news…we prayed…  then I paused as she was intensely praying for her aunt to be brought back to life, from death.  Is my faith…that small that I never considered that GOD COULD/ if HE wanted to? Pam truly grabs who GOD is….and asks the things HE is capable of…to the “tenth” degree.  HE is the same yesterday, today and forever…HE IS GOD.  “life extends over the bridge into eternity ”   again !

  2. We are going to be doing Max Lucado’s 3:16 in Sunday School next month. Do you like it?

    Hey, I heard something from a friend of mine about your family. (your family = your mom and dad) Did your family decorated your driveway all and down with halloween stuff and jump out at people to scare them?

    My pix were ‘okay’. I’m sure they will be happy, I just didn’t get the ‘perfect shot’ that I was aim at getting. I’m a perfectionist like that.

    Are you for real going to get the Iphone???!?

  3. Ok, so today I was in Walmart and they had this book you are reading for a great price, so I picked it up.  I can’t wait to read it.  You have got me interested in it!

  4. ^^  LOL!!  ^^ About Gabe’s family and the driveway stuff… OOOHHH, the teacher pranks on the seniors!  Gotta love those memories!  LOL!  Oh yes, there are some good stories there!

    Still laughing.  Totally forgot about that.  Couldn’t figure out what jbnygaard was talking about.  Then… oh yeah!  Gonna share?  Hehehmmmmm.  Too fun.  Warm fuzzies remembering how much we laughed… LATER.  Thanks Mr. McPharon.

  5. To answer jbnygaard – yes, that family be mine. Examples of some of the events that took place: hayrides over infamous “CryBaby Bridge” (stories that a mother left her baby under the bridge) and family and friends of family would be up in trees and throw flower down into hayride or jump down by wagon with chainsaw (chain removed but LOUD) and scare the wagon riders. Of course there were also walks through graveyards and our woods, with the same folks hidden and ready to scare again. It gave people a memory to talk about, lol. Fun stuff!

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