Jesus minds His mind – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 24

Maybe you’ve seen the football commercial floating around where the guy stands and boasts – “We must protect this house!”. Or maybe you haven’t. When people are confident about something they are able to rise above the occasion and it seems they are a different person than they were the day before. Makes me think of all of the athletes who don’t put forth much effort until it looks like they are going to lose. Then for some odd reason they turn it up a notch and accelerate their game, actually using all of their energy because they would rather not be on the losing side.

There are examples of Christ’s life when He was tested with sin and giving up on guarding His mind from the evils of this world. When He slipped away from people that were going to grab Him and make Him King (John 6:15), when Peter didn’t believe He should have to follow through with death on the cross (Matthew 16:22), or when people were trying to humiliate him by laughing at his suggestion that the sick girl was going to awake from the dead (Mark 5:39-40). I rarely realize that Christ really was like us in moments like these, He needed to keep the world at a distance when they wanted Him to fall to their desires. I believe the game of life that He lived was always on another level. We let down when the going gets tough, and fall slowly into the hands of temptation. There’s more effort that needs to be put into this life, it’s just a matter of whether we want to sweat it out for Christ or go sit on the bench and give up?

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