Jesus goes home first – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 5

It really is amazing to think that Jesus could have traveled streets all of the time, preaching and performing miracles like you’d believe any “supernatural” individual would do. He was twelve when we first heard that He traveled to the temple and was teaching the “professors” of the day a thing or two. It seems really odd that He didn’t continue on a road of self-indulgence or want to appear as holy as He could in the view of the world.

His next step wasn’t towards the next popular worldly audience. It was backwards. He stopped what He was doing and went back home where God knew He could have a different impact – to his house and family business. Understanding that Jesus also became a carpenter is something I haven’t given much thought to. This world likes to make you think you have to be an esteemed musician, actor, athelete, doctor, etc……..but that’s not the case. If it were, I’m sure Jesus would have led a much different life?

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