It’s Alright to Dream Again – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 37

The reality of Christ requires faith. For most seekers, that is the hardest thing to realize. Even during the days that Christ walked the earth, some saw and didn’t believe. For those that accepted Christ back then and those of us that do today, we believe, but more often than not, our faith rocks our world once in a while. There have been moments like that in my life. A moment for two ladies in Matthew 28 came when an angel descended from heaven and opened the tomb for them to first see that Christ was no longer a captive of this world. After they heard this news, they had to run and tell others. What good did it do to stand at an empty tomb? As the news spread, some still even doubted that Christ was actually God in flesh. Only the Spirit has the power to lead people to Christ, even after they have been run over by a train of truth. I thank God today that He continues to amaze me and thank Him for sending His Son to defeat sin.

  1. “even thought they have been run over by a train of truth” –   ONLY THE SPIRIT can unveil….. that is why any Christian..we all should realize…you can only do spiritual with spiritual….nothing is OF OURSELVES….nothing.  neat stuff ! thanx… 

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