It Is Finished – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 35

I believe the moments following Christ’s final words, “It is finished”,  in John 19:30 need to be taken very seriously. I think every person that ever has any thought of whether God loves them should be placed at the foot of the cross at this moment. Placed in a position of seeing our God that became flesh dead on a cross. Holding three bloody spikes that pierced your sins to His flesh. Looking into the eyes of many who mocked Him as He hung on the cross, but were speechless after His last breath.

This is the moment that you and I have to live with. The soldiers that were mocking Him now had to clean up the mess that they created with their whips, crown of thorns and hammers. They were cleaning up a mess that you and I created. The bloody rags were soaked with our sins, not just theirs. As we walk away from the cross we have to decide to reject it, accept it, or give our lives to spreading the truth to others. Your mess has been cleaned up.

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