There was some exciting new today from the Apple world with the new iPhone (basically an iPod and a cell phone combined). You can listen to music, watch movies, surf the internet with the help of Cingular wirless, email, get maps, calendar, address book, etc. It’s probably the most impressive product I have seen. They also announced the Apple TV, which I’d probably purchase first, since it streams my computer stuff to the television wirelessly. I guess my blog post tonight is just a rant on what my thoughts are on all of this before I share them on the podcast this week.

You would think I would start saving my pennies right now for the $499 iPhone that goes on sale in June. I’m actually realizing more and more each day that technology is going too far. Sure, you could make the argument that you might as well buy an iPod and phone at the same time and be a good steward of your money. Or maybe the one that you will be using the device to share the good news with people or something like that. You could already email them. You could already call them. There’s nothing new under the sun. More true than we think it is sometimes.

I think the big problem here is that we do most stuff just because we can, let alone fail to place God before it all in our life. It’s not easy for me to just say that we should put God first. I do LOVE technology. If I had one passion outside of God and family it would most definitely be technology / design  / photography. But this is where the rubber meets the road. Do I need any better of a computer than I have right now? No. Do I need a better cell phone that will let me email my wife while at work rather than just doing the same on the computer. No. Or how about a second iPod. Of course not. I applaud the efforts and time that the talented folks at Apple have put it to these new enticing products, but the buck stops here.

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