A new online friend of mine, Joey Bergeron, sent me a Facebook message today that made my day. He thanked me for being an inspiration to him, and specifically thanked me for how open I am about my sharing my faith online. Technology allows us to relate to each other. We’ve both been married for 11 years. But God is at work in our lives in very different, but both just as important, ways.

After a few messages / chats, and then even a phone call, I started to see just how much God was behind us connecting. My eyes were opened to the fact that you don’t “need to be somebody” to inspire others. I’m not any more important than you are. I don’t have a better chance of inspiring someone than you do. And neither do leaders, celebrities, or people who are greatly admired for their skill / work. Agree?

To inspire someone could very well be one of the greatest compliments you could receive, which is why I am blogging about this. I want to challenge both you and I to realize that our lives (online and offline) have been given to us to glorify God and relay the thrill of following Him to others. All of us struggle with the necessities of being an inspiration (transparency, honesty, listening, etc.), but we don’t have to be all of them to light the match.

The people you have been placed on this earth to inspire might be totally different than those that I have. Some might know Christ, and some might not. But God has given those people to you. Do you believe you are an inspiration? Are you struggling with connecting with others or finding the place God has for you to shine? Or maybe you could share how you have been inspired (or by who), or maybe how and who you might have been an inspiration to?

  1. Joey Bergeron

    I’m dunno what to say. Your da man! You have alot of things going that I have been looking to do myself and you inspire me to keep trucking int this new direction God has placed in my life. Keep on doing what your doing. 🙂

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