Inglorious fame

Flipped on the TV last night, hoping to laugh for a few minutes as a was winding down. The past few nights I’ve enjoyed watching Travis Pastrana and crew on Nitro Circus over on MTV2. No dice on Nitro, and I made the mistake of stopping on a channel highlighting the Oscars. I doubt there’s anything on the entire year that I can’t stand more than our cultures lust over who we label as “famous”. Obivously I avoid award shows like the plague. Thanks to Twitter though, it’s clear that even the church today struggles with putting humans in a spotlight only God deserves?

The word inglorious (shameful / disgraceful) actually sums up Hollywood to me. I know it was used in the title of a film (I haven’t seen yet), but Hollywood has it all backwards. While spending just a minute watching the post-Oscars feed last night I saw a young woman refer to the night as “glorious”. Are you kidding me? Sure, humans are talented. Talented at acting, sports, creativity, and the list goes on. But glorious? Can humans get together in any room on the face of the earth (large or small) and do anything that can be defined as glorious? Maybe they should check out John 5:41-44?

Glory is only for God. Our culture is blind. Believing that what we create (moments of time or objects) deserves to be admired. Should be a bit obvious when one of the most popular teen words is “EPIC”. No wonder people struggle with just being themselves. And you and I still struggle with that after knowing the Christ is enough? Wasn’t the second level of the tower of Babel too high?

  1. My pastor was flipping through the channels a year or so back and stopped on TLC’s “What Not to Wear”… The lady getting the makeover claimed the whole experience was “religious”. He said it made him feel sick.

    Seems to line right up with your post, Gabe… Our society is all about glorifying people, places, movies, fictional characters… everything and everyone but the One that deserves the glory.

  2. Interesting point Erik. All of mankind struggles with finding the line between being appreciated and being admired. Definitely not an easy task, but you’d think walking in circles of esteem for so long would get old. I’m sure there are the few shining stars that handle it admirably though.

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