In gay They Trust

This blog will probably seem a bit offensive, confusing, or strange to some. Tim Hardaway, an NBA basketball player, was banished from the league’s All Star weekend activities for his words of hatred towards homosexuals. His words were a response towards the first player in the league (see article below) recently announcing his homosexual “lifestyle”.

I am angered by a few things here:
1. The hatred of another individual (whether gay or straight)
2. The anger shown from the media for any negative thoughts directed toward homosexuality
3. The list could go on……

I guess what angers me most about this country is that we are now at a point where we think we are bigger than God. The same God we placed our trust in during our first years as an established people. I’m not here to let the world know that America will pay for turning its back on God. As Christians it could be very easy to take a back seat and let “the games continue” or we could take a stronger stand and proclaim that this sin is real. This game is sin and most choose to sit in the stands. Is that how the church works today…..innocent bystanders?

This sin is not how we were created and isn’t a new practice that has picked up steam in the last few decades. Homosexuality is believed to be a trendy, fashionable practice these days. It’s the furthest thing from it. How many kids can walk into their class and share their pride in the long-lasting model of a relationship between their homosexual parents? What’s next if our kids don’t hear us speaking out against homosexuality and we let the government be their model. Sure, Tim’s words of hatred towards the individual might not be worth following, but I don’t think that’s the issue. The issue is that culture wants Tim to keep his mouth shut if he wishes to speak publicly on moral issues.

And we thought a democracy was the way life was meant to be? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Here’s the article!

  1. Ever since you were young….you believed “black and white” on most things.  God instilled that in you for this VERY REASON…to glorify HIM…. YOU are on it !

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