I’m a missionary?

When I was growing up I remember missionaries always coming to our church, speaking on how they have gone overseas and encountered a different culture with the gospel. I never really wanted to assume their role, but fail to realize that I actually am one of them now. We might not be in Bangladesh, China, South Africa, or any other distant land, but we do have a group of people (and one church) that financially (also with prayer and encouragement) support us to be doing what we’re doing here in Ohio (web / graphic design for churches and ministries). I now better understand why those missionaries always had such interesting stories. We’ve been through quite a few bumps along the way, but God has shown us that He cares for us so much through the process. He’s recently used our group of supporters to encourage in ways you wouldn’t believe. I’ve definitely learned that you don’t have to get on a boat and go across the ocean to let God use you to reach the lost. Maybe He has a new way He wants to use you wherever you are at, or maybe in some far-away land?

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