I’m a Mac

Justin Long plays the well-known “I’m a Mac” role in the current Get a Mac commercial campaign (right in the pic below). I recently read through an interview he had over at http://www.latimes.com/news/custom/showcase/la-ca-long23jul23,0,1268414.story and was interested in a few things he said. He speaks about not even having a computer before doing these commercials, but now having one (a Mac of course). I found it most interesting that he speaks of Hollywood very openly and really does shed light on the way that fame and wealth can bring you down, away from your true desires and conforming you to this world (he doesn’t say all of that precisely, but I believe that’s pretty much the idea).

– He says that he is proud to be the next “Bartles and Jaymes – because those guys got a lot of babes and really cleaned up”.

– He then admitted that “there was a time in my life that I thought it sounded cool to be famous and recognized, but alot of what I thought was fun about this job has become a bit empty”.

I have to remind myself every day that my true desire needs to be to reach the lost soul…….just one at any given moment. If you let anything (money, hobbies, sports, events, health, knowledge, fame, etc) be a big part of your life it will bring some sort of pain with it along the way even if you handle it correctly / Biblically. None of those things are terrible until we screw up like Adam did (or as Justin just said) – and go away from our true selves and adapt to this world. Maybe we all need to look at it like Justin does now – wanting to revert back to Connecticut and away from Hollywood sometimes. Wherever we find the “true us” might be enough to make us content?

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