I don’t want to gain the whole world

Mark 8:36 isn’t an easy verse to read. The video below from Toby Mac‘s (featuring Kirk Franklin and Mandisa) song rings loud on my phone whenever I get a call. It’s a good way for me to get into a habit of repeating God’s Word in a new way. A way that challenges me no matter where I am or who it is on the other line. God’s Word hits my eardrums with every call, and I’m very thankful to Toby for realizing the power of this verse.

A verse that has helped me with decisions regarding how high to climb the corporate ladder, and many others. Each person that chooses to serve the Lord with their life is asking for SOME trouble. Those that dedicate themselves to being authentic Christ-followers have felt this just as much, or more, as I have. Check out the new video below, provided by HeartItFirst.com!

PRAYING for each of us, that we may fall captive less and less to the things this world has to offer. PRAISING God for sending the Holy Spirit to guide us as we take the Word to heart and apply it to life decisions.

[iframe http://vidego.multicastmedia.com/player.php?v=f81n62z6 512 470]

  1. Thanks so much for tieing up this amazing video and verse into the prayer for my heart this early morning….as I can not sleep from the force of life keeps my eye-lids shut while others sleep. God Bless. This song on many others can be heard streaming live @ http://www.shine.fm

  2. janelle

    Thanx, this was just another “nugget” of God telling me, I will take care of you…just keep walking.

  3. janelle

    ” I LOVE THAT RING TONE ” ….. ok…yours is better…lol

  4. Tom W

    My daughter sings this song with me when we are riding in the car. My hope is that she will someday understand the words that she is singing. As a musician, I remind myself regularly that it is because of Jesus that I have the ability to play. Without Him, I can do nothing.

  5. DarylG

    Good Nugget Gabe. Something I need to focus on more in my own life. Thanks.

    Think I’ll tweet this 😉

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