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It’s the New Year. Woo hoot. As you can tell – I am thrilled beyond measure. Actually, I am excited. Woo hoot! I thought I would do something random today with my blog post – post things that have happened to me personally recently instead of posting about the podcast or something I feel needs to be mentioned.

Tomorrow is Marla and I’s 9th anniversary! I thank God for my best friend and soul mate. I could write an entire blog about her, and maybe I will tomorrow. We had a fun time seeing our families this past week. The one thing that I will say about our families is that I appreciate them more the older I get. Let that be a hint for you young folk out there who can’t stand their parents or think hateful thoughts towards siblings or in-laws.

One thing that is on my mind this month is to focus on what really matters. Three things that really matter to me right now that haven’t at times are:

1. Being happier and more thankful for even the smallest of blessings God has given us.
2. Focusing on my health and not just living life the “lazy and procrastinating” way, giving more of myself to God.
3. Realizing daily that God desire for me to know Him better. That could include embracing difficult issues on my podcast, showing love to people more often, praying more frequently and with more focus, learning and reading more from His Word, being unselfish in new ways, etc.

Those aren’t really New Year’s resolutions, but they are things that God has been weighing on my heart. As a father I think the world sometimes just sees us as a bank account or a warm house to come home to. I personally think that too many men in this world are comfortable with life and uncomfortable with God. I recently turned 30 and am not wise beyond my years, but I also feel like men need a kick in the face or something. Whether you are a teenage bum, a rich executive, a hard-worker, a deep-thinker, a homosexual, a pastor, an author, a grammy-nominate musician, or a thug……….our relationship with the Lord should increase daily. Your way of doing life isn’t perfected.  There is always room for improvement, no matter who we are. At times we have all lied to ourself and/or others to make US look good. Being too selfish in too many ways. We all need to stop living life and loving God.

What would a common man today be like if he were in love with God? Going to church might not be a bad idea, but I wouldn’t say that would let him pass the mark.

I think time has quite a bit to do with it. What do we spend most of our time doing?

I think a really big part of our relationship with God is our relationship with our spouse or girlfriend. Do they feel like we are our own top priority, or do they know we love them and care deeply about them?

Another big reason men fail today is because they think that God cannot speak through them. This is something I’ve battled head-on this year with my podcast, and can honestly say it has helped my walk with the Lord tremendously. Throw away the new TV, clothes, video games, car, shoes, computer, gadget, or what have you………unless they are being used to glorify God. Too many men are freaks about themselves. If this world did continue without you, would it be any different at all? Your impact is more important than you think it is.

I think Phil Simms, an ex-NFL quarterback, put it well last week on television. He was comparing the world of football to society today. These weren’t his exact words, but they are definitely close enough. He said “too many of these players aren’t focused on the fundamentals any longer, their first instinct is to make the huge hit, make it to the SportsCenter highlight reel and get some fame”. That to me says quite a bit about all of us……we all have our highlight reel, things we covet and want without good reasoning. You’ve seen the football player, pacing quickly across the field and ready to make a game-changing play……and then he stumbles or entirely misses the tackle he thought he was going to make. If his focus was on pacing across the field at the correct pace and making the fundamental tackle the game would have been changed with his efforts.

Only through a focus on the pace God’s wants us to live can we make any impact on this world at all. With a focus on doing it our way, although at times we might appear to be a success, THE game will not been changed. Some men might be inspired or in awe, but the world would be the same without us tomorrow.

  1. Happy Anniversary! The first 14 minutes of it went by unnoticed. I’ll do better the next 23 hours and 46 minutes. I love you!!

  2. Nice – GOOD blog !  our relationship with the Lord should increase daily -We all need to stop living life and loving God.
       If that would of been said from the pulpit…those ( to me) were the two HIT statements…..I pray that through your podcast….your insight that God has given to YOU….gets to the WORLD.

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