I am blessed

Just thought I would take a minute to thank God publicly for what He’s doing in my life. He’s blessed me with my closest friend – my wife, loving children, parents that want the best for me, family and memories, a roof over my head, talents, a knowledge of what sin is, discernment, a sense of morality, mistakes so I realize He has control, 28 healthy years, freedom from caring for material things, mentors, room to impact friends and guide them back to Him, every lesson I need in one Book, a world that needs prayer, an exciting future………I could write forever?

I realize at this moment how lost this world is. Even some of you are lost…….even if you “say” you know Him. Does He know you? That’s the one thing in life you can’t fake. Some of you might lie to yourselves, thinking your life can take place in some amusement park where God doesn’t have a pass. When was the last time we stopped and genuinely said thanks to God for what He wants to bless us with. Maybe those times haven’t been happening since God’s out of the picture, or maybe God hasn’t blessed because of an attitude, a lack of service to Him, or maybe even more love for ourselves or even something else than for Him. God’s started blessing me so much this past year, and I can’t really sit here and go on much more without stopping in my tracks and thanking Him for it. I could care less who reads this blog. This blogs only a tool for me to speak of my love for Him. If you choose to come and read it, great, but at least you’ll know that my only desire for you is for you to recognize more and more who gave you this life and who can take it away. All the games of loving this and loving that, getting this or that, wanting this and that are over……….what ON EARTH are we here for? Bless you.

  1. Amen brother! I love to see men of God with a back bone. Through all of life we experience many joyful moments, such as, getting married, having children, and seeing others recieve Christ. We also experience trying times such as, a loss of a job, sickness, and of course death. And through each experience, good or bad, The Almighty God is with those who love Him. Thank you God for all you do and thank you Father for Gabe and his family. Keep the Faith! Love ya…… Dan

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