Hurricane Charley

Everyone’s first thoughts when they see how much damage Hurricane Charley did on the west coast of Florida yesterday are usually how terrible it would be for your house and any other possessions to be damaged like that without being able to do anything about it. I’ve also heard that there have been 15 people that have died, so I am sure the safety of life itself is on the minds of those that live close to where the disaster happened.

A few minutes ago The Weather Channel was showing the helicopter views of the two counties that were hit the hardest. I couldn’t help but wonder how powerful God really is. The wind wasn’t created in a movie-like scenario for special effects. The wind was real. The wind was part of God’s creation. The atmosphere is not out of control, contrary to what some believe. The power that controls the storm is the same power that controls our lives. Sometimes I know I might put too many boards up around myself to protect me from the power He wants to display in my life.

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