How many bars?

Something that’s interested me lately is what makes people’s clock tick, what gets them going or brings excitement into their lives. I have to ask myself what makes that happen in this life. Is my focus on things that lead me to an uncontrollable lifestyle, looking for excitement that is over the next day and really meant nothing? This world is so full of options for our life to take on and make an importance out of them. For guys it could be sports, money, women, entertainment, their job or maybe even drugs or alcohol. For women I guess that list could include fashion, gossip, or in some cases even their own children – I’m sure there are many more that I am unaware of. I look at all those things and have to ask if I understand exactly what those lifestyles are giving the individuals today……..or was the enjoyment only for a short time?

That’s when I realize that God has given us just as many options on the other side of the fence. Or are we numb enough to the fact that all happiness can take place as a result of God being the key part in every minute of every day? Could we really live with God being enough – and what He provides for us to be all we look for? I know I can take time out to either make things for myself, buy things for myself, play games, build things, etc……that all bring the focus back to me. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life – that’s not the point. I just think it’s a little too obvious these days which people have heard the story and have lived the lie just to prove to certain people (parents, friends, grandparents, spouses) they think Christ is cool for whatever phase of life they had to prove that in. They get through that phase of enjoying Christ or even just saying they at least accept Him, and then head straight back into that lifestyle again. I think it’s easy to see that their life obviously means more to them than Christ’s does.

I’m off to go through today and do some checking of my own – maybe even looking for some time that I can spend reading more of the Bible, praying, or pronouncing Christ more in some manner. This is my first stop – and if you’ve taken the time to read this and are just logging off to go back into that lifestyle I’m not sure if you need struck by lightning or what. Christ is too good for me to let His greatness just slide by through this blog……..if He’s speaking to me He’s going to be given the room to be heard. I’m not looking to win a popularity contest with this material. I’m sure He’s speaking to you – just a matter of how deaf you are by now I guess. Maybe it would help if your soul were programmed like a cell phone and you could easily see how many bars Christ is able to reach you with right now? Maybe the communication just sounds like its breaking up and He can’t get through to you……..maybe that’s saying that you’ve been traveling in the wilderness. I think you can hear me now.

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