Holiday happiness

It’s been a while since I just blogged about life, so here it goes. The past few weeks I’ve wondered why there’s so much focus on this time of the year if there’s not a belief in Christ. It seems to me that this country does so much stuff without any reasoning behind it. You can’t tell me that all of the adults out there that are buying presents for their kids really get cheerful over santa claus, lights, and all of the other hype? I wonder what kind of answer you would get if you just asked people why they buy presents for people every year at this same time? If I weren’t a Christian I would think that I would hate this time of the year and never feel like joining in on the celebration. The traffic jams and being tired from shopping would be good enough reasons for me to hibernate. Even without explaining the Christ is the reason we celebrate, it should be a little obvious that everything else is fake. Not just santa and his reindeer……people are fine with being fake and living a lie as long as they get by and make it to tomorrow ahead of where they were today. Imagine life without Christ….that kind of a “holiday” would just suck!

  1. Total agreement !  Someone sent me a questionairre…”can you name all the reindeer… ” I thot, who cares…and added can you name the wisemen”  Chel Brockert wrote on hers…” who cares”  I had to LOL…but it is true…the depth of this season………… what it cost Christ….the “cost” we put on presents….and then give…without inviting HIS PRESENCE……you are “on it ”  !!!

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