Hide in the closet

Today I received an e-mail that pointed me towards http://www.pgboycott.com/promotion.asp . This link shows how one of many of America’s corporations are not only okay with homosexuality, but are taking their budget and creating ads focused on this lifestyle. If my opinion counts at all, I don’t view it as a “lifestyle”. I view it, first of all, as sin. Someone once said that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. It’s pretty obvious why God created two sexes? Why else would you need to get your organs “changed”? I think it’s ironic that you hear of people “coming out of a closet” when they let you hear that they are homosexual. To me, being in a closet only means that you are hiding something. If those that are a part of this “lifestyle” think it’s such a great idea, then what do they have to hide in the closet before they are ready to let others know? One thing I would love to hear from a homosexual is how long they believe that “lifestyle” will last? It’s pretty intriguing that you never hear of one of these lifestyles bringing happiness to their lives for 10 years. Homosexuality has been around for a long time. The culture today is basically taking sin and rebellion that has been around for so long and acting like they are so much worse than people from the past. Sin is sin and God’s been around that for quite a long time. I wonder what would happen if we got together a survey and asked how proud the parents of each homosexual individual are of their children? Chances are……they won’t be any more excited about their chances at spending time with their grandchildren?

Might be interesting to see what the comments are on this?

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