Helping teens wake up

I’ve been convicted this week of having feelings of hatred. It needs to stop. Hatred towards certain people not living up to expectations that I believe we (as Christians) should be. Expectations like I listed on my most recent post, calling people to stop hiding their faith. I need to worry about my own, and my own alone. Onto something that we can do together!

If there’s one news reporter that I tend to listen to more than others, it’s Bill O’Reilly on FOX News. We all never agree with someone on everything, even our spouses (thank God for that). How could we improve if we were all perfectly programmed to get along? Last night was one of the nights I disagreed with Bill.

Teens, specifically in the United States, are pushing every moral and ethical boundary they can. As far as they can. This includes girls fighting (not just cat-fights any longer), taking nude pictures of themselves and sending them to their boyfriends, and the list goes on. Obviously lots of things come into play with all of this. Number one being that they desperately need Jesus (which Bill can’t really talk much about on public news I guess). Maybe these teens’ parents are more concerned about their them enjoying life than holding them accountable to any rules? It could also be affected by parents feeling like they need to be busy every second, and letting moments of being that role model or example pass.

Bill usually does a nice job at bringing on 2-3 guests (usually pretty intelligent ones), and making sure he’s not just shouting his own opinion all of the time. His opinion on this specific matter seemed to be that it’s not like the “good ol’ days” where these kids didn’t feel the need to rebel. For some reason maybe Bill hasn’t realized that the media’s influence is multiplying daily. Kids are influenced by the media, actors, musicians, and the internet (of course) on levels that are getting extremely ridiculous. Perhaps Bill should have a child during this information age and try to keep them away from every billboard, cell phone, or website that is evil? That’s a task that is going to require some serious attention. I personally believe that it starts way before they reach the decision / teen age. Could be as early as early elementary, with decisions being made on whether to follow Hannah Montana or play house / pretend.

To each parent comes a different responsibility. One thing is for certain. We can’t blame the new technologies (cell phones, the internet, video or computer games). The issue is a personal one. When do you let your kids grow up? Why do you lift the demands of children obeying their parents if it requires 5 more minutes of your day to actually impose some standards or deserve respect? Maybe the teens in America would wake up if their parents weren’t pushing snooze! As Bill always says……the spin stops here. It’s no laughing matter, and I’d love to hear how you’re dealing with it!

  1. I think parenting demands a lot more than many parents are willing to invest these days and I think it does require limiting the access our kids have to media. We chucked out TV when we realized we were using it too frequently as a baby sitter.

  2. Chris Yoder

    Thanks for speaking out on this very important topic! What a blessing to know that my 3 precious granddaughters are growing up in a home where Mom and Dad love the Lord, follow Him closely, and are teaching their girls to do the same!

  3. I think you have it right- parents don't demand respect, and they pass on their own negative attitudes toward authority to their kids. How can kids learn respect when their parents have no respect for God or each other or their bosses?

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