Help Portrait Did What? – Series Post 3

helpportraitlogoIt’s probably a bit obvious, but when such a large group of people join in on a service project many barriers are broken. When 3,002 photographers serve 36,000 portraits in 511 locations around the world, you know that usual barriers are being crushed! Two barriers were crushed in this video below.

The first barrier? Distance. God planted the desire for the project in the hearts of a few Nashville, TN residents – but the pulse resounded throughout the world into places like Croatia (seen here) and Italy. It’s EXTREMELY awesome to watch God use technology to spread His love. And the other barrier crushed in this video? People without disabilities serving people who live with them every day. Disabilities might get in the way of doing a few things, but they cannot stop the love of God.

WARNING: This video is extremely powerful, and brings tears. Tears of a happiness in knowing that a piece of heaven fell to earth on 12/12/09.

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”360″][/vimeo]

  1. Claudia Porpiglia

    You have no idea how this video touched me! What I wouldn’t give to have a photographer take the time needed to capture the light of life inside of Tina! In 24 years, we have very few pictures and almost none that portray the “real Tina”. The patience and persistence needed to get a true picture just isn’t in a lot of photographers.

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