Help Portrait Did What? – Series Post 2

helpportraitlogoIt was a unique privilege to connect with the 14 other photographers here in Columbus that I had never met before and serve together on the Help Portrait team on Saturday. Susan (one of them) and I had actually been in the same graphic design program while in college over 10 years ago. Help Portrait was much more than just taking pictures, although that was the central service objective of the day.

Susan’s family (husband and daughters) helped out quite a bit. When you serve, it’s not about the focus being on you. No matter how great your photography skills are, that’s not what makes the difference. It’s the heart, and that’s why the day was such a success. Susan and the rest of our Help Portrait team approached the portrait models (those we were serving) extremely well. But outside of the photographers you saw facility coordinators, spouses, and even children getting excited to make sure these people were the spotlight of the day!

One memory that stood out to me was how Susan’s daughters brought light into the lives of the children who were getting their picture taken. Many of them felt special being the center of attention, but when these girls opened up their candy cane bags and handed them a special cane of their own even more smiles were created. Those are the things that should remind you and I that it’s not about what you bring to the table, it’s about what (and how) we’re willing to give or leave with someone else. And the smiles that I saw when the kids got a free candy cane sure showed me that giving anything from the heart is worth it all. A picture isn’t the only thing that is worth 1,000 words!

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