Help Portrait Did What? – Series Post 1

helpportraitlogoWoke up this morning a bit tired, thanks to a fulfilling day serving with 14 other Help Portrait photographers here in Columbus, OH. I’ll provide more info throughout the week, but providing free photos to families and individuals in need yesterday was a thrill. This week I’m going to be posting a daily series of what a service event like this actually does (for those that serve, and those that are served). So here we go!

The one thing that continues to run through my mind (and did yesterday) is the word HUMILITY. When does humility happen? When the one who has the most does something that has the best chance of benefitting another the most. And that’s what I saw yesterday. And with 43% of the groups around the world checking in after the event, that’s what we saw when 1,400 photographers and 2,720 volunteers provided 17,200+ free portraits.

Numbers like that could make you feel small, or that your service wasn’t too valuable. Might be true, unless you actually had the privilege of snapping the picture, talking to a woman who hasn’t had her picture taken since she was a little girl, hearing from a family who looked ahead to tomorrow with more hope than before yesterday. When true humility is practiced, suggesting that you weren’t of value is a lie. Whether you are were behind the lens or in front. So many memories were made, but I praise God for starting a movement like this in the hearts of these four individuals in Nashville, TN. It’s a bit obvious where true humility originates, and it’s not on earth.

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