He Saw the List – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 30

The scene of the cross is a pretty gruesome one. The Passion of the Christ movie tried to do it justice with a good representation, but it wasn’t the real thing. I vividly remember the scene where they pierced Christ with nails and hung him onto the cross before lifting it up. But today Max made me think about this in a new way. A way that remembers Christ seeing the nails before they pierced His body, but also remembering that He saw a long list while going through this pain. A list that included every sin in the world. A list that included our greed, lust, lies and lack of faith. A list that had us marked as people headed to an eternity in hell.

The beating began and His blood flowed from the cross. That list was still there when He died, but it is now soaked with blood. A blood that makes it unreadable. The list is now only used as a trick to lead us to believe that His death couldn’t pay the penalty. The list continues to grow today, the sins continue to arrive, but the blood continues to soak the list as it grows as well. Let’s keep the list as short as possible, and live our lives for the new list. The list that has our name included as one allowed into the gates of heaven as a result of the blood. Fixing our eyes on Jesus.

  1. Have you ever thot of your  computer as a pulpit ?  I have to think of yours as that sometimes….as in the way you communicate God’s Word…and God’s TRUTHS…just fyi.  lol  bmx ( eric clapper)  bmw ( Pam Baad)  PFR ( good times) TBR ( band ) TUG ( your brother ) bye ( I am out of here like a fat momma on a computer) 

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