Have it your way

We stopped in at Burger King today and grabbed some lunch. It was interesting to read their advertisements on all of their materials, especially their drinks. Their slogan has been “Have it your way” for a good while, but they’ve taken a step further in letting us know exactly what they mean. The drink label read “Maybe you want a lot of ice. Maybe you want no ice. Maybe you want your top securely fastened, or maybe you want to go topless. Hmmm? Maybe you want to mix Coke and Sprite. Maybe you want to let your cup runneth over (we wish you wouldn’t). Whatever you do, make sure to ahve things your way.” It’s obvious they want to make sure you get whatever it is your way isn’t it? Isn’t it interesting that that is what society is all about these days? When we sat down at our table at Burger King I wasn’t worried about anything……I just wanted a drink with my meal? So many of us get caught up into having things our way in a selfish manner that we don’t take time to think about things that really matter in life. I could either spend 10 minutes at Burger King worrying about the lid, the ice or the drink inside of the cup, or I could take those 10 minutes and enjoy the time God’s given me with my family? I’m glad they wasted some money trying to inform me that I’m so special….

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