Grace Before Breakfast – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 39

Deja Vu. Isn’t it crazy to think that our minds are sometimes so gone, so removed from the moment that we don’t realize what is taking place for a while? Sometimes even after the event has passed. I remember times in my life like this. Days after something happened, a thought races through my mind and strikes a memory cord. OH YEAH – now I remember. Dumb me?

Peter and John were disciple of Christ, but they were also in need of some deja vu in their lives. They had been through a tough day of fishing before, and Christ brought them a miracle with a net full of fish. After Christ’s resurrection, He greeted them on the shore for breakfast (John 10:10), and provided another net full of fish. Imagine going through life not realizing the miracles that God has done. How He has provided nets full of fish for us. When He provides, it shouldn’t take us moments to realize where it came from. Thanks to Peter and John for giving us an example of recognizing and knowing who the source and provider was in their lives. Breakfast is served.

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