God’s Mac update

Things are going better than I thought they would, to be honest. We now have segments 1 (technology) and 2 (meets / interview) recorded and edited. I am going to spend tonight getting the 3rd and final segment (eternity) ready and edited. It took time to prepare for the first two, but I really want to always have the final segment be the one with the most focus. I thoroughly enjoy technology and really appreciated the opportunity to interview someone, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

I appreciate your prayers and can tell that God is at work first-hand. You hear some folks talk about hearing God or having some sort of a spiritual awakening. This is no mystery or strange thing that everyone can’t understand. This is the evidence of God guiding a life and giving the greatest comfort that you are doing the right thing. Never before have I poured an effort like this into something, knowing that there is success no matter who hears or sees the result.

I could try to describe it, but would rather press you on to find that in your own life. God has something like this for us all – a hobby, talent, circle of friends, neighbor, podcast, book, team, job, and so on that He doesn’t have His entire hand around……..only because we’re holding onto them ourselves. Thanks God – for showing me where you want me to be. It’s my prayer that each one of the readers / listeners take this day to listen to you and find what it is you want us to use for you. You are life.

  1. I am excited for you. I know this is something you are excited and passionate about and I am certainly praying it will all come together and work out for you! Can’t wait to hear it! I know that Andrew is excited for you too!

  2. You know what a “mother” would say , so I won’t.    But imagine what God is saying ?           The silence……..be still………..and feel the hand of  favor on your shoulder……………. IT is God…..IT is the Hand of God, the God that gives peace when we obey………..

  3. Great post, so looking forward to hearing your first ever podcast – woohoo.  I pray that many lives might be changed because of it, what a priveledge to be able to use the gifts God has given you to serve him..  You Go Gabe!  I mean You Go God 😉

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