God, Tiger Woods and Jesus Christ

Definitely not a fan of golf (won’t go into describing that), but I usually will watch The Masters each year. Thrilled that Mickelson won, and that his wife (battling breast cancer and being in bed the entire rest of the tournament) got to enjoy the victory with him.

Tiger Woods has been through quite a bit the past few months, so I wasn’t surprised at all to see the cameras following his every move. After he messed a tee shot up, his voice raised with “God! Tigurrrrrr…….Jesus Christ!”. Obviously he could have replaced “Tiger” with “Holy Spirit” and the discussion across the web would have been entirely different. Maybe?

I’m fairly certain Tiger’s not a Christ-follower, but at some point Christians need to ask – what’s the point in using our Father’s name like this? Really…..I don’t get it? I’m glad I don’t play golf, primarily for this reason. I’m not above getting competitive and letting my stress show during athletic events. I’ve struggled with that. From my understanding and little experience out on the golf course, many golfers are known for this. The sport requires focus, perseverance and perfection. And it’s not the only sport where we hear this, I’m sure of that.

You find it offensive? Does freedom of speech protect this? Should athletes not be confronted for their words while in the spotlights? Thoughts?

  1. Randy

    I’m not shocked by this. A lot less of what is said by pagan athletes (& a few religious athletes) is broadcast. NASCAR is as bad or worse, I’m sure. What does Romans 1 tell us to expect? Suppression of truth, filth, and advertisement placement.

  2. I am so glad Phil Mickelson won, especially after having such a devastating year with both his wife and mother getting breast cancer. And I so so glad Tiger lost. It’s called karma, baby!!!

  3. janelle

    I think it is all of us…. on the green off the green, sitting in church…sitting in our home. I think the whole “freedom of speech” has gotten us Christians so apathetic…to “standing up” – the fear of offending has overtaken a door to stand. Showing love to the spiritually blind, showing them compassion….but have we even given them a bar for them to even see the difference? The ones that point to the sky….the ones who live who is in HEAVEN…. is the same -on the green off the green. The whole ” sexual sickness” or ” adultry ” shaking my head at what we “blow off today”…and we have lowered the bar….just like we have lost this country spiritually and politically. A silent mout vs. a mouth in sincere witness…which are we doing ? Can we “even get a witness anymore?”

  4. George

    No, we shouldn’t be “tolerant” of people’s cussing, esp. using the name of Jesus! I confronted a woman once while waiting on the tarmac after a long international flight. Everyone was waiting and i’m sure everyone was frustrated by the delay. Just this one lady was cussing uisng the name of Jesus out loud. I confronted her ad she stopped (after cussing at me, too). I’m glad I did it. I don’t see this as self-righteous. If most Christians did the same we might even have a different enviroment in the workplace and in the culture.

    Keep in mind though that according to some polls some 20% of Christians cuss themselves…even though I suppose not using the name of Jesus.

  5. George, a lot of Christians do cuss and even take the Lord’s name in vain, it is so sad.

    Have you had the experience of having to explain to a two-year-old why saying the ‘omg’ phrase is not acceptable, when he’s heard it from an adult in his life? Because I have and it’s not pretty. We talk a lot about being respectful with God’s name.

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