God lives in a bar too

jaredmahonesingingOn Saturday night I spent 4+ hours in a bar with God. My buddy Duey and I were at a concert in a church last week, and saw The Jared Mahone Band play before Sanctus Real. We had never heard of them before, and were pretty blown away by the quality of the local, up-and-coming band. So much so that we followed them, and God, into a bar Saturday night for another show. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, be sure to check out their site and make it out to a show. I guarantee you’ll be impressed. Someone needs to sign these guys up and get this goodness on the road.

Back to the title of today’s blog. God living and breathing in a bar is probably a statement some would shoot down without even checking it out first. A few years back I had my first opportunity to hang out in a bar and witnessed God living there through another band as well. They weren’t quite as good as this band, but they brought God with them too. I’m not saying that God needs to be escorted around like a dog on a leash……it’s true, He is omnipresent. So what is it about this that just doesn’t make sense to people, if that’s the truth?

jaredmahonebeatboxI’m a firm believer in both Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19. Some people decide to put walls up around these, suggesting that they might be true but shouldn’t be taken literally. That’s where we come in, and that is where you see the Holy Spirit move. When people like Jared take their talents outside of the four walls of a comfortable church facility. God’s just hanging out in the bar, waiting for Jared to arrive. When Jared arrived Saturday night, carrying his amp and guitar, God opened the door for Him. He arranged the concert itself and is never late. It was a blast glorifying God until 2:30 am, getting a few hours of sleep, then heading back out the door to meet God again at church later in the morning. I was a bit tired, but I found out that God must not get much sleep either.

PRAYING for God’s blessing on the Jared Mahone Band. PRAISING God for the talent He has given them, and thrilled to see them always include Him in their shows.

  1. Sanctus Real is also local to Ohio. Don’t know if you knew this or not. I saw them at a lock-in, in Port Clinton, years before they were signed to the big record label. What’s cool about Sanctus Real is that they keep getting better and better with each new album. I mean I thought they were great back then, but they are even more talented now.

    I’ll check out The Jared Mahone Band. Where in Ohio are they from? I might have seen them before. I don’t know why, but they sound familiar to me.

    Thanks for sharing and God Bless.

  2. Yeah, I’ve interviewed two of the Sanctus guys (Chris and Mark – drummer and guitarist) on the podcast over at http://www.GodsMac.com. Episodes 29 and 30.

    Have connected with another Toledo band, This Beautiful Republic, a bit more than them. Local shows my bro coordinates in my hometown up in Lima, OH.

    The Jared Mahone Band is from Columbus (and Cinci / southern OH for a few of them). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve also had the opportunity to share God at a bar. It amazes me when people look at me weird when I say I go to bars (btw it’s good to go with a friend you can trust to keep you from doings something stupid). I’ve had better conversations about God over beers then most people find in church.

  4. Trae – great to hear / excellent point you bring up! I’m sure the adversary is well aware when God’s going to get the glory, and the battle is real. Warfare’s a bit more intense for those that are on the front lines…..which is another reason I admire the band for their efforts.

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