Go first to God – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 26

Christ showed us how to handle the toughest of situations when sweating drops of blood and praying to His Father about being nailed to a cross within a short time (Luke 22:41-44). The truths that are written in Psalm 56:3 came to life. Christ wasn’t going to lie and say that He was going to enjoy being put to death on the cross. He knew He had to do it, and even sent a pray to make sure the Father really wanted Him to go through with this.

In the middle of a tense moment He didn’t run off to His mother or friends first. He stopped in His tracks, looking fear directly in the eye, and went to God in prayer for encouragement and guidance. I definitely don’t do this near enough. I might not run off to someone else, thinking that they could get me out of the situation, but I also don’t run to God right away in every tough moment. I really appreciated how Max made this clear in the book!

  1. 2 time in the last week, God has told me, ” fear God, more than man” – different concept, but we are, like you said, to care the MOST…what HE THINKS ! 

  2. As I have faced various challenges in life I have found myself finding comfort in this passage.  Jesus was not jumping for joy about the road ahead of Him and yet He was willing.  God doesn’t expect us to be thrilled with the tough things in life, just willing to walk through them with Him.

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