Get rid of the hatred

Many times I hear of Christians speaking out harshly against abortionists, smokers, drug addicts, prostitutes, corrupt adults, cussing bandits, and whoever else might fit your picture of someone who might not be following Christ. There’s sin in all of our lives. None of us are perfect. I’ve been victim at times, not realizing that God does not want me to distance myself from them. He doesn’t want the talk that comes out of my mouth to push their identity lower and lower. If you do not know Christ, no matter the distance you have created between you and Him, you are not too bad for any chance of receiving His love. I’ve read stories about so many intense sinners that have turned their lives around and truly have seen what joy there is in life. Your story could be the next one. Your story is worth telling others about. God wants to use you in some way…’s just a matter of when a life full of acceptance will begin.

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