First trip outside of the country

We’re hours away from getting on a plane here in Columbus, and excited to see what God already has in store. We’ll be stopping through Dallas, San Francisco and Taipei before landing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (28 hours and 10,269 miles after leaving Columbus)!

All of this would be impossible without the prayer and financial support of many friends and family members. We were supported as a “missionary family” to work for 1-2 years for a church camp here in Ohio. That support helped me start out as a self-employed web designer over 4 years ago. I’ve now taken a full-time position outside the home, but this missions trip is a great reminder of how God provided when we took that step a few years ago. Reminding me how much people actually care and want God’s work to take place. It wasn’t very easy for me to take the step this time, but I knew it was what God wanted.

Marla and I will be tweeting while we’re on the way there, but I’m excited to partially unplug and connect to things that God wants to do with our hands and our hearts. Have you ever stepped out into a unfamiliar situation / location / circumstance where you were uncertain what God had in store? I’d love to hear about it.

  1. Gabe… saw you on WithoutWax and clicked over. Very interesting to find out that you live in the Columbus, Ohio area. Me too.

    By the way.. I flew to Bali, Indonesia in June of 2006. That was my first experience outside of the country (not counting Canada) for Missions type work. It was quite the experience… but I have been fortunate to be part of greater missions experiences right here in the USA.

  2. I feel that way every time I leave the country. It started when I went to Spain to study abroad while in college. I think that God lives in that space of our not knowing and feeling insufficient. Not to get super deep, but it seems to me that insufficiency is the whole point of the Cross. If we’re not stepping into those areas where we have to rely upon God’s direction and grace, we may not be obeying his leading.

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