First blog and data recovery

For two weeks I have actually been without a computer, so I’m starting to blog to get back into the swing of things! The hard drive on my laptop went bad so I sent it to Florida for data recovery. The guys at DTI Data were able to pull the information off of the drive and send it back on my external drive. Although it was pretty expensive, they were the best deal I could find and were able to recover every file for me.

Without the information I would have lost all of the websites I have created (unable to update them unless I re-created them) and 1,000’s of digital pictures of our family from the last 8-9 months. I couldn’t avoid the drive crashing, but I definitely could have backed all of that data up before hand (wouldn’t have had to pay to get it back). Life goes on I guess.

It’s amazing to go through something like this and realize that God will get you through it no matter what. Without that understanding I would have easily been angered or depressed about it all. Exciting things will be happening in the near future so stay tuned!

  1. Wutiz up gabe!!!!

    It is good to here from you. I haven’t seen you in like eight years or so. I live in the wonderful place of Waterloo, Iowa. I am a toolmaker, still single, have my own house, and have to dogs for my roomate. It will be cool to xanga witchew!


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