Fame and fortune

I’ve been wanting to post this one well before the 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks tour concluded, hit the Associated Press (and 400 other newspapers as a result), and landed us on CBS’s The Early Show last Saturday. Today’s post actually crossed my mind the week that Michael Jackson (and other celebrities) passed away. So here we go!

I’ve worked with a few people I would call celebrities, and this past week has given me a glimpse of what they go through. It’s not easy going public with a message, mission, or dream. I could go on forever about how much time I think the media wastes on negative stories, or doing their best to turn a positive story into a negative one.

But I think asking you a question regarding fame and fortune might get to the point more quickly. Have you thought about Michael Jackson once today before reading this? Remember, the story that that held the media’s attention (and yours) for a solid 1-2 weeks? I ask the question for one reason. To point out that no matter how much “good” or “bad” you do, people are going to FORGET about you one day! When this life has passed, how you changed their life temporarily won’t matter squat. Even if the change is positive, its value will not last for eternity. Unless it leads them to Christ and the cross, right?

It can be extremely tempting to ditch the cross and start following the fortune and fame of this world. But the power, fame, and eternal fortune of the blood that was shed on the cross is the only story that can stand the test of time. And it’s the only story worth remembering daily. The cross alone should be driving our decisions. Whenever you and I do pass, will people remember the cross at all? That’s something that I need to hear…..how about you?

PRAYING for those that are forced to answer to the media or tempted to ditch the cross for their own glory. PRAISING God for sending His Son, the source of all that we need.

  1. janelle

    God is truly trying to “etch” in me….HE alone, HE alone..is to BE ALL. His blood has never changed.
    Good post ! ok GREAT post.

  2. God’s really challenged me through this post, I’m sure He has many more blessings to come out through you in the years to come.

    God Bless

  3. Hey, I’m writing this book, and your blogs lately would fit perfectly with what I’m trying to do. Mind if I quote you?

  4. Chris Yoder

    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) III John 4!:)

  5. Great post, Gabe.

    … and your wife wants to quote you. That has to be the biggest compliment of all!

    What a blessing to know that our fame here on earth may be fleeting but Jesus will never forget us, even for one second!

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