Extra Ordinary – 3:16 by Max Lucado – Day 1

Starting the Bible study with the guys over at AC180 today. We’re walking through a study of the life of Jesus for 40 days using Max Lucado’s 3:16 book / devo. Most of us have never met in person, and this is my first “online Bible study”. It’s pretty exciting to know that you have others going through the same study with you and can interact on each other’s blogs during these next few weeks, learning and growing from what God is showing us (and you hopefully). Here we go!

It’s pretty amusing how God let His Son’s birthday take place. I was reminded in this chapter of how ordinary I really am, but how thankful I am that that is true. Everyone starts out ordinary, but has the same opportunity t be used. God, the Father, too many shepherds, sheep, stars, mangers, earthly parents, and many other things to usher in a universal miracle. The birth of Christ could have taken place in so many other ways, but the way God had it planned sometimes seems unreal or even mysterious.

When I think of ordinary I think of a standard. People look at it and see something, and instantly judge it or compare it to how life is going for them at the moment. I know I don’t see life the same even over the measure of a few months at a time. One month I think things are going one way, but later I look back and think differently.

One thing I admire more about God right now is the fact that He works on His own standards. Not yours, not ESPN’s, Apple’s, Max Lucado’s, George Bush’s or anyone else who might be able to bring what seems to be a higher standard to this world. His ordinary is always EXTRA ordinary. He is able to take EVERY thing that is ordinary and make it unusual and extremely valuable. Whether it is a blog, a meeting, a phone call, a doctor’s visit, a website, a batch of brownies, a rushed morning with your kids, or any other “normal activity” – He’s ready to add the extra punch to the ordinary. I’m thrilled to take part in this “online Bible study” with these guys, and after one chapter already recommend grabbing the book. Praise God if I’m ever used in extraordinary ways!

  1. What a neat way to pray…. take me, my family, my day, my life… make it EXTRA ordinary – through YOU only !  Do you guys meet in person ? Went to their site…did you see the FARVE thing ?  yeah !

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