End of the Spear movie

I finally got to see this movie last night on DVD and can’t really explain it in a few words. All I can pass on to you is that it is a story that cannot help but open your eyes. I won’t share any of the details of the movie here, but will tell you that this true story means so much more to me now after seeing a first-hand account of it displayed on film (thanks to the support of those whose lives it impacted the most since some 40 years ago). As a faith-based film there was a stir from the church about those developing the movie not realizing that the lead actor in the film was a homosexual. All I have to say to that is “it’s not found in God’s Word that we are to despise the individual as a sinner, but to want to reach their soul in any way possible”. I think he did a great job in the movie myself. We’re all sinners, but some of us just think we’re on a different planet or something I guess. A deep thanks to those that help bring this film to us – I can’t imagine going through what you have. Visit http://www.endofthespear.com for more information, and for news on another film that is in the mix.

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