East coast tour

We’re back, but not for long. Thanks to a crazy east coast trip, this 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks tour is close to completion! I’ll have pics soon, but I’m currently moving my Aperture library over to a larger hard drive just to hold them all! I think we had maybe 25,000+ pics in the library since 2002, but these zoo trips are adding to the total quickly. We usually average maybe 200 pics per zoo.

I’ll keep it short. A future post is coming on how and why families should start connecting, getting out of the house, or at least spend more time together. God’s been amazing at showing us ways to do that. It’s amazing to connect with families that are willing to open their homes and begin new friendships. If you’re ever near Ohio, we want to be that family. We’ve all met new friends we’re looking forward to seeing again.

Thanks to their help, we were able to go to zoos in Buffalo, Bronx and Central Park in New York – Philadelphia, PA – Washington D.C. – Baltimore, MD. If that weren’t enough, our girls were up to the task of also stopping to see Niagara Falls while in Buffalo, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and a long walk around Washington D.C. to see the White House and Lincoln and Washington Monuments. We also took some time to stop by the Great Falls just outside of town in Virginia.

We saw God’s hand through it all, and look forward to sharing even more details in Marla’s new book. Thanks to our girls, our new friends, those that support us (ad space is still available here), and the God that created all we’ve seen and provided a way to see it!

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