Dualistic vs. Holistic with technology

holisticgraphWhile preparing for the presentation last week in Seattle, I was reading through a few books. My friend, Kary Oberbrunner, has a book called The Fine Line that really goes deep on studying our worldview / application of faith. I was studying the model that I’ve illustrated for you in the image used here. It’s something I haven’t really given much thought to before.

Some people have tried to tell me that the work we do might be given to us from God, but it in itself isn’t a spiritual practice (sacred). I’ve seen God work through it, so let me shoot that suggestion down quickly. Sometimes I have fallen into the trap of a Dualistic View, believing that I go to church on Sunday to be “Sacred” and that the rest of the week I am left to doing what I do or being “Secular”. That’s not how God made us, and that includes everything we do (1 Corinthians 10:31).

He made us in His image, to go through life as if it were all “Sacred”. If the God we serve has created and is interested in all things, then how can we try to keep Him fenced in to just moving on Sundays? This is one big reason why blogging, service, and fellowship throughout the week are important. It’s the actual practice of allowing God to move in and speak through us all. I’ll continue more in the future with this model. One blog can’t come close to studying all of it, LOL. How have you been able to see the things God has you “doing” as either “Sacred or Secular”?

PRAYING for my grandfather (fell yesterday down a few steps on way out of house, but seems to be alright). PRAISING God for providing new work just yesterday.

  1. Makes me think of our old camp verse–Whether therefore you eat or drink or WHATSOEVER you do, do it ALL for the GLORY OF GOD. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

  2. It’s a very popular trait… to have organise your life in a dualistic view. Think of everything as worship.

    In terms of breaking the divide, God spoke to me through a very secular song yesterday

  3. Great area to discuss! This is the second blog that I have read today that has talked about this issue (http://www.emotionallyhealthy.org/blog/?p=161). I have been wrestling with this issue too for the last several years and more specifically in the last several months (I wrote this post about it not that long ago http://kevinmartineau.blogspot.com/2009/03/higher-calling-or-just-calling.html). My wife has been taking a course called “The Theology of Work”. We need to be affirming people’s work in the marketplace as ministry and we need to be commissioning them in that. Here are some suggestions for marketplace ministry that my wife came up with for one of her papers (http://kevinmartineau.blogspot.com/2009/03/being-kingdom-agents-in-marketplace.html). We are seeking to implement these into our church.

    A couple book recommendations for you: “The Call” by Os Guinness and “The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work” by Darrell Cosden.

  4. In the body of Christ, everyone has a gift. For some people, it might be making money (in the secular world) and giving it to missions. That person may and be exercising more then one gift: the gift of service and the gift of giving.

  5. Hi Gabe,

    So sorry to be using a comment to get a hold of you, but the captcha thing on your contact form wasn’t working.

    I ran across your blog and would love to do some advertising through you. Here at Clover we provide websites to churches and ministries and would love to reach your audience. Can you email me when you get a chance so we can continue the conversation? Thanks so much. – Jay

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