Does it stay or does it go?

Many of the victories I have had in life have resulted in letting go of something. We’ve all heard the phrase before….”Let go and let God”. That’s the way it was with me and all of the time I spent playing video games. I let go and God moved in miraculous ways. The large amount of time that I spent was transformed into moments where I could proclaim God and more clearly glorify Him. There are groups that take this to the extreme and end up appearing creepy or getting called names. But is that their fault, or ours for thinking of them like that? This is an extremely touchy subject, as I saw from the comments in the recent post here about the video game addiction.

oldtelevisionHow far do you take it? Do you get rid of everything that pleases you? I don’t think that’s what God would want. He intends for us to enjoy this life. One thing I am struggling with right now is television. Watching Virginia Tech football or NASCAR (I know – tech guy and redneck do not usually go together) are the only two things that I care to watch. I don’t watch anything else. Sometimes I get more thrilled about the days those sports are on than I do about spending time with the Lord that day. Or taking time to encourage someone in their walk. There’s nothing questionable about my ethics while watching sports. It’s good, clean fun! But then scripture like this one always come to mind.

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, as well as his own life, he can’t be my disciple.” Luke 14:26

God didn’t just make a mistake and let that slip into the Bible, did He? Not a chance. Hate your own family, if that’s what it takes? Are you serious? And I’m struggling with football and racing on the tube. That’s when I start to re-think things. I’m just beginning the journey with this one. The racing season starts in two weeks. Are there things like this that you’ve seen be stepping stones in your walk with the Lord? Do you regret something you’ve given up in an effort to have your focus on what He wants with your life?

  1. megodbike

    I will have to look at the greek and the context of that verse. But isn't it when those people are asking to follow him and they have their buts… I don't think we are being asked to hate ourselves… thats a contradiction with other Biblical teachings but to put God miles before ourselves… we can still have time for other stuff… but if God is challenging you about wasting time doing stuff then don't do it… I've recently been gaming too much…

  2. janelle taviano

    just thinking outloud….I believe it is " what do we put ~ IN FRONT ~ of GOD. There can be many culprits…for me it is this, for you it is this…for Tug – your Dad, Marla…Ang..etc. T.V. – like you said, what you watch is clean….is it in front of your LOVE for GOD ( don't think so) do you give ample time to GOD – yes / no – Do you spend time with your kids – yes/no – your wife – yes / no….so is your TV time over them? your love over them? do you just " enjoy" a little Gabe time ? VT / NASCAR….. Like Marla said, tough call….between you and GOD… If someone enjoyed fishing….would that seem less…what ever because it was fishing ? why is that ? who draws the line…. ? It is God and us, the Holy Spirit and us…? Reading blogs can take away from my time with God…seriously….and I get convicted…, I need to quit…

  3. I think this is a great post about the type of struggle that we should all wrestle with. In America, we have become all to conditioned to entertainment as a value. I don't believe that there is anything wrong with the things you mentioned, but I do think that we should all wrestle with each thing we do to seek to make the most of every opportunity (Eph. 5:15-17).
    It never hurts to evaluate the use of our time and subject our schedule to Christ. Thanks for modelling how that looks in your life.
    Make it a great day!

  4. Chris Yoder

    Thanks for sharing! God has been working on me in this area lately.:) I feel this is a very personal thing – between us and God. If our desire is to please God with our lives, He will show us if there is something we need to give up in order for that to happen.

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